Club Rules


Members must produce their current membership cards to enter the Clubrooms. It is important that members assist by carrying their card at all times. If at anytime you find you do not have your card with you, please see the Convenor of House and Security, prior to the game, and you will be issued with a guest pass.
Personal membership of the Supporters Club is not transferable and your membership card must not be lent to another person.


Children under the age of 18 years will be admitted to the clubrooms with a parent/guardian who is a member. Children who are unruly and their parent will be asked to leave.


Guests are encouraged to visit our clubrooms. Guest passes are naturally limited and
are sold on a first in, first served basis. Passes may be purchased from the Convenor
of House and Security prior to the game. Guests are asked to display the pass at all times. The number of guest passes issued to individual members is at the discretion of the Convenor. Please remember, if you bring a guest to the clubrooms, you are responsible for his/her behaviour.
Please also remember that a guest may only come to the Clubrooms twice in one year before expected to become a member. The guest register must be signed.
The Club has a reciprocal obligation to admit members from other supporters clubs and that will at times determine the number of passes available to members. The Committee reserves the right at all times to suspend or terminate the sale of guest passes.


The Club expects a high standard of behaviour and conduct at all times. Offensive behaviour and/or intoxication are unacceptable. A member in breach of the Club's expected level of conduct may be asked to leave the premises and their membership
may well be revoked.

A reasonable standard of dress is expected in the Clubrooms. Dress jeans are acceptable but dirty, torn and scruffy attire is not. Footwear must be worn at all times, jandals are not acceptable.

Security staff are employed to assist access in and out of the Clubrooms. The staff are aware of the Club rules regarding entry to the clubrooms and will seek a committee member if there is further clarification required.


Members are asked not to interfere with club property either on the walls or freestanding. This property belongs to you, the club members, and is for all to enjoy. Anybody removing club property unlawfully may be prosecuted.

Club members are advised not to leave valuables lying around the clubrooms unattended. Any lost property will be collected and held for a number of weeks, so contact a committee member if you have lost anything.

The Club is usually open 2 hours prior to kick off. As we do not hold the license for the bar, the hours of trading are determined by Panda Catering. The clubrooms must be cleared half an hour after the bar closes.


Club announcements are kept to a minimum so as not to unduly interrupt the social ambience of the clubrooms. Members are asked to observe a degree of courtesy so that announcements may be made without disruption and everyone can hear. This also applies when guests or players are speaking.


Food is available in the clubrooms. If food is purchased please ensure you clean up your own rubbish and scraps.

Smoking is not permitted in our clubrooms or in the stands.